The official homepage of Cream VIII and Boris Brosowski Home Feb. 1st: Touching Ground Re- release. See NEWS Cream VIII (then: cream8) was founded in 1993 by  singer/songwriter/programmer Boris Brosowski. The first releases  were The Crimson Dance E.P. and the demo-collection "Enhanced".  Gaining a record contract with SPV in 1994, Boris recruited guitarist  Sascha Lecher for the recording of "The Emerald Touch" CD that was  published in 1994. The duo that became the core of the band in the  years to come was prominently featured on the German Mystic Sound  sampler 3 and gained cult-status in Germany and England. In 1998 the  second CD Touching Ground was released, a european tour followed  as documented in the live-cd "Forgiven Live".   Cream VIII split in 2000 but Boris and Sascha regrouped for the  Wintertime CD and numerous live-gigs in Germany and England in  2004. From 2006 Brosowski went on recording with the group's  drummer Andreas Sonntag, but no live-shows were held since then.  2011 sees the digital release of the F-Nord E.P. which was recorded  from 2006-2008).  Further releases are planned.  Cream VIII releases can be obtained via amazon mp3 or iTunes.