Blog Sunday, Jan. 20th 2013 Gibson Things are moving up. I purchased a thing of sheer beauty, A Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom. Normally I would not mention buing new equipment (though I plan on doing a short history of my synths (which are right now an Access Virus TI and a Roland SH- 201 plus numerous software synths)) but buying this guitar has changed my perspective a bit. When I started out with cream8 in 1993 all I could afford was a starter-pack on exhibition by my local (small) dealer - an aria pro SL II and a gorilla amp. Well this setup can be heard on “The Crimson Dance E.P.”, and it sounds very bad. After meeting Sascha, I left all the guitar work to him (with the notable exception of “Tverde Blizo” on which I wanted to play all instruments myself for personal reasons). I later upgraded to an epiphone sg 400  but mostly used samples (recently the shreddage package) - but it still sounded shitty. I always thought it was me, simply not being a guitarist and simply not being able to create those wonderful walls of distortion. And I thought I was too clumsy. Well. It´s not the player, it´s the instrument. Using the Gibson I finally sound like a pro - so the difference was just the equipment... I should have known earlier...   Friday, Jan. 12th 2013  Bowie the man should have made me happy. Not only releasing a new song after ten years of seclusion (I know about that), but then vocally and visually referring to Berlin. And now everyone’ s happy and smiling and cheering. Me too. But then: I never really liked his “Berlin trilogy” albums as they were - a) not actually recorded in Berlin (only a fraction is - Lodger not at all!) b) on their b-sides tedious repetions of Kraftwerk’s and Tangerine Dreams’ and Ash Ra’s and Neu’s ventures into synthezised sound. Far inferior to both “Station to Station” and “Scary Monsters”. But with “Heroes” - the song, not the album, the man made history. And yes, his song meant something to the east-berliners in 1987 (and the Glass Spiders concerts were not half as bad as history would have it - i was there in Hamburg - front row - and it was a delight). And so this is the song that made history. This is what every artist seeks: the footprint. Now Bowie puts out a tedious song - which would have suited well to “Heathen” or “Reality” without anybody taking notice - and this is all the old man has to say? “Look! Listen! I used to be important, I used to make history!!!” - Yes, Mr. Bowie, I know that. I aknowledge that. But the song is not up to it. Listening to “Reality” I always thought “He`s got at least one great album left inside....” after 10 years of preparation, he should have put it out.  “Where are we now” - is not a good sign. No former entry