Touching Ground Touching Ground 1. Beast 2. Radiate Till Dawn 3. The Black Sea 4. Believers 5. Regulator 6. Doing Fine 7. Foreign Double 8. Seven 9. Terms of Trade 10. This Borrowed World 11. Touching Ground 12. Carpenters 13. The Emerald Touch 97 14. Cernata Semja 1996: Initially, the sales for “The Emerald Touch” had been good and finally “Easy” Ettler of the Zillo Magazine was taking notice of us. He had asked us to play on the 96 Zillo Festival and we agreed and then he died. Joe, his successor, cancelled everything. Immediately S.O.D.’s interest in promoting us went down altough we had arguably provided the best two songs on their “Sounds of Delight” sampler (”Live inside the rain” and “Seven”). Jörg and I had talked a lot about putting our own diy-labels together (Goblin Press and resurrec.) to form a real independent gothic label and as he was as frustated as me we did it. Jörg had two friends coming in and I had - none. The new label would be called “Equinoxe” and we all signed the contract. It was supposed to be the platform for both bands to act independently and free. Well, in the end I decided to put out Touching Ground on “resurrec.” again. Touching Ground was recorded at Jay-Sound Studios, Siegen in October 1996.  “Seven” was taken from the original ADAT redordings, but with a new intro. “Touching Ground”  was released on resurrec. (limited) in November 1998 and in 2000 on (as digital download). In 2013 it was released on iTunes and other digital distribution channels by resurrec. “Beast” the opener, was written solely by Sascha Lecher. Get it here: