A Short History of Cream VIII In 1993 Boris Brosowski - singer and keyboard/programmer of a completely unsuccessful band called TSU! decided to go on alone, writing, singing, playing, producing and finally distributing his stuff on his own. The result were “The Crimson Dance” E.P. on 7” vinyl and a 60-minute tape called “Enhanced”. Both cought the attention of producer Jörg Kleudgen of “The House of Usher”. He invited Boris to do some demos in his band’s studio. Boris asked Sascha Lecher - a guitar player who Boris met during an audition - to join him and both recorded four new songs with Jörg called “The Emerald Touch E.P.”. This was sent out to some (not too many) record companies and finally cream8 (as it was called then) was signed by Sounds Of Delight/SPV who had some success with the “Dreadful Shadows” in the gothic field and wanted to expand there. New songs were redorded and “The Emerald Touch” CD was put out in late 1994 accompanied by the band’s first tour. To play live, Boris and Sascha recruited Jochen Autschbach as bass player. 1998 saw the release of “Touching Ground” and the line up expanded to 4 members: Boris Brosowski, Sascha Lecher, Jochen Autschbach and Sascha Klein on rhythm git. A european tour followed, documented on “Forgiven Live” which was published in 1999.  After that the group disbanded. In 2004 the group sans Jochen Autschbach reformed to record “Wintertime” and “Bare Live”. The band toured England and Germany. In 2006 numerous gigs in Germany took place with a new line up: Boris, Sascha Lecher, Martin Krötz, Andreas Sonntag and Rene Schwipperich.  The F-Nord e.p. was recorded. In 2007 only Boris and Andreas were left.  Cream VIII still exists.... Information